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Getting Rid of the Trash around the House

So, you just bought a house. Congratulations!  But now it is time to fix it up.  There’s trash and debris around the property and the place needs a new roof before the spring showers start.  There’s a lot to get rid of before you can begin to bring your own items in and those puny trash bins are not going to cut it.

What you really need is a dumpster.  One of those large, heavily built containers that you often see on construction sites or outside of restaurants. Those babies can hold anything you throw in them.  With all the debris you have to clean up at your new place, you are going to need something that can handle anything.

The nice thing about dumpster rental is that all you have to do is fill up the dumpster with all of your non-hazardous items and let the trash hauling service take care of the rest.  That’s right, there’s no trips to the landfill for you.  You just have to figure out what you need to get rid of and throw it in to the dumpster.  The trash hauling service will do the rest.

The typical trash hauling service will accept the following items:

  • Refrigerators.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Water heaters.
  • Tubs and spas.
  • Washers and dryers.
  • Electronics and television sets.
  • Computers and computer monitors.
  • Grass and leaves.
  • Dirt and gravel.
  • Wood and branches.
  • Mattress.
  • Old furniture.

This is what makes the rental dumpster great to have around with fixing up a new home; most of those items on the list are probably things you have around the place and were thinking about getting rid of but were waiting because it would be such a hassle.  Now that you know how easy it is to get rid of those items, you can get that new washer and dryer or replace that old PC.

When it comes to fixing up the yard that will not be a problem either.  If there’s unkempt bushes you need to get rid of or just weeds in general that you want to rip up, those can get tossed in the dumpster, too, along with the old shingles that were torn off when the new roof was installed.